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louis vuitton uk outlet store Quietly sitting in the window , watching the night come quietly . Distant mountain shadow gradually gray, blurred vision ; near, long flowing river , shore reed yellow Juansuo the body, and let the wind blowing Ashiba constantly moan. Dark cold a lot of my heavy heart , flood biting wind down Chuang Feng slipped in , slender hand holding tea gently shaking a bit. Moment , those words were fermented tea with a scorching temperature flowing in the chest , along the veins circling the body, burn my soul . At the moment, I'm so tired ah. Trek way back , like plank -like uneven cobblestone confusion as dim as starlight colorless .

Weather, snow tonight . At the moment louis vuitton uk outlet store , I just want to quietly waiting , and so a heavy snow , sped to my baptism. Hope to slowly release a tired white snow in the . Triple the number of homesickness , write not less than tonight . Embark on return, I miss the Hermitage to sleep in Grandma 's arms .

Outside the night quietly concealed earth, calm perseverance. Only the wheels at a constant rhythm, playing the lonely empty vanity. Slightly bustling little place that is far from the city lights flash of a blink . Resentment of me, always sounded chest Songs Song Zheng in play . Zuiwo south of the stone will soon show my eyes , what does not fit ? Also need to struggle to breathe? Wait, wait, wait quietly it, so back to the south, Zuiwo snow , but what can a . Alas, this is later than last year, louis vuitton uk outlet store month-long snow ah , I hope can come in front of me tonight , falling to my heart ! Come on , white snowflakes , come on, God 's spirit !

In the silent phase, as the earth and sky , the night , the snow will come for them , the snow will cover up everything. In the crystal pure white snow , I will cross three thousand miles Clouds and Moon , with wings made ​​of snow , with nostalgia and sorrow , flew Reeds gray strait , the end of the Thousand and One Nights trip, pour in hometown warm embrace , such as baby-like sleep .

Remembered that the stars close to us close the day , it is worth always remember . At that time , the seeds of hope in the field germination, seedlings spawned ideal waist up pose in rain season , the fragrance of the earth with the blessing of the earth to nourish a well-developed root system , a lot of sweat poured a warm dream. Since then, the ideal boat sails bulge from the spirit , pursuit , louis vuitton uk outlet store progressive , hard work, sweat and take the canoe into the desired channel : one spring, go hand in hand ; way of song and laughter , in the face of life . When the smoke through the seventies when shaking lattice windows, sings when the dawn of the birth of a beautiful spring sing when , then, huh , when warm architecture of dreams flooded plain gorgeous feeling is so drink water sweet, eat anything all floating bouquet. Sit opposite , on the grounds of sleep. So guarding the earth , and thus guarding the sky , the wheat and sweet potatoes, sorghum and rice to , connected with the heart , sharing and joy.

Minor lyric written many lonely sigh stir over the storm, snow , etc. fall into my palm , is the drop of the nectar ? Or a sour tears ? Ask the heavens , that the pain , bury or dig ? Asked the earth, that the ideal cure my dip poisoned or bubble ? The earth and the sky is always waiting in the silent phase, as had the mind are entrusted to snow . Wait, wait, wait quietly falling snow , Who lives dying in the total waiting . I think louis vuitton uk outlet store , only love , only love can overcome my demons !

From the broken -away , back to the dream home , bending horseback luggage is endless thoughts . Thoughts that modification of the bridge, snow white beauty ; thoughts Santanyinyue of water that washed over the Maxima 's mane Yin Yu ; miss that Quyuanfenghe of Lotus birth had a beautiful fairy tale ; thoughts that floated Rainy cloves and that plaid by the window reveals a light celadon jade ; well , there , there is the school gate length of the vicissitudes of willow tree ...... wait, wait, wait a blizzard coming , then, I believe the lacrimal gland streams freezes , the past is no longer sad Bay , just put the embroidery -like Villa again show in my eyes. Drop it, under it, louis vuitton uk outlet store I quietly wait for an intimate snow .

Laughter , looking forward to the snow quietly fell. It is like a light waft consonance , limp walk posture inspired dance -like flying , earth magnanimous mind to accept it. Heating carriage Rongrong , unfamiliar faces have deja vu ; car window , snowflakes falling on the sun worked the land , white thick. Go wild wings glowing colorful light jumps over the windows, huh , original , colorful snowflake is also a color of ah ......

This is a holy snow ! Nothing initial and final , do not pursue what Past and Present . Snow will bury all the desires of logic , snow water will freeze all parameters truth , snow will break all the strange spell. Snowflakes make colors more thought to pure, snow so that the soul of self more mature. Ah my inspiration from snowflakes floated quietly coming in the hearts of their homes ; my soul , ah, whistling in a snow soaked hometown dream ......

Wheels in uniform operation , limp walk in falling snow . Snow buried overnight return, homesickness and who complained ? Outside of crystal clear ice covered trees , everything in nature have been covered in snow freshmen . Shortly after , next to the bridge railing will have a new myth appears: West will witness the return of a wanderer through time , with a stubborn and easily pushed returning to their homes.

Oh, but do not forget , louis vuitton uk outlet store the door to the grandmother a pale smile, that is the best painkiller ......